Project Scion seeks to transform neighborhoods with resident inclusive green spaces — for the people, by the people.

Each year Project Scion will convert a vacant lot, somewhere in the City of Rochester, to a usable space for the residents.

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Project Scion 2013: The Gateway
was built in a large vacant lot at the corner of Dewey & Ravine Avenues (just south of Lexington) in the Edgerton Neighborhood of Rochester, NY.  This green space honors this location as “the gateway” to the neighborhood and seeks to improve the lives of the people who live in the area through gardens and art.  Not only do they now have a “town square” for neighborhood gatherings, but also a place to bring their kids to play and a place to sit amongst the trees and flowers.

Click here to see the great segment Channel 8 did on Project Scion 2013.

The Gateway will be a permanent park through a partnership between Project Scion, Mary’s Place and the City of Rochester.

The founders of Project Scion have donated all of their design and meeting time and have donated the time of their staff to help build the park, but we did not do this alone.  The residents worked very hard, side by side with us every day to create this space, The Gateway was completed in August 2013.

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Please note:  100% of all donations go towards programs and materials for Project Scion sites.  Project Scion is currently operating as a partnership in New York State, and contributions are not tax deductible as charitable donations.

The impact of your help will be huge – you can be a part of the revitalization of a neighborhood. Not only do these gardens have a positive impact on the inner-city of Rochester, they are also be used for art and citizenship programs to enrich the lives of the residents.

A statement from the creators of Project Scion:
As professional designers, we are taking what we know about the transformative power of gardens and art, to people in need. We are creating spaces where children can play, neighbors can have a barbeque and residents can have a sense of community. A place where visitors can sit under a tree, lay on the grass, and feel the healing power of nature.

We also believe we can break down some of the manmade boundaries that separate us, and come together as one community.

- Pietro, Sharon & Bruce

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